Hi! I'm Ellen¬†ūüĎ謆 founder & sole business owner of Avocado Zinc.¬†I created Avocado Zinc out of necessity. In my late 20's, I started developing pigmentation on my face and needed a sunscreen I could wear everyday underneath my make-up. Everything I tried was either filled with chemicals and irritated my skin or was natural but left a ghostly white cast on my face. And so Avocado Zinc was born. Together with a local manufacturer, I formulated a sheer clear zinc sunscreen made from 100% natural ingredients that was easily spreadable, left zero white cast,¬†wore beautifully under make-up, didn't block pores, felt gentle & moisturising¬†on the skin and left a beautiful¬†dewy¬†glow. If you are in need of a gentle SPF that's safe for all ages, with zero nasties, chemical actives, fragrances or preservatives... it's time you tried Avocado Zinc!¬†

Why the name "Avocado Zinc"?

We wanted to create a sunscreen that promoted youthful looking skin - what better ingredients to use than Avocado Oil (rich in powerful antioxidants & omega fatty acids that work to minimise signs of ageing including wrinkles and fine lines and promote collagen production) and Zinc Oxide (a natural physical barrier that protects skin from UVA & UVB rays which in turn prevents ageing). Every SPF product that we create contains Avocado Oil & Zinc Oxide, hence the name Avocado Zinc. Plus, who doesn't love Avocados right?